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We won't let this happen to you! 

Does the inside of your stainless steel grill look like a diesel engine block?
Are there years of cooked and baked on grease?
Are you concerned about the health of your family when eating food cooked on a dirty grill?
Do the steaks you cook taste like last week's chicken?

Then you need stainless steel grill degreasing*.

We offer the best grill service, repair and degreasing in the Coachella Valley.


I am currently booked through December for grill cleanings. 
I clean grills from October through June during the season.
I do not clean grills in July, August or September.  

I am the only factory trained and certified grill service tech in the Coachella Valley.  When we degrease your grill, I take all of the grill components out, warming rack, cooking grates, flame tamers and rock grates, and burners.  I remove all the brackets and the hood so that the grill can be completely degreased, I make any necessary repairs that are needed and you can be confident that I can put the grill back together properly when we are finished.

*degreasing is the process of removing the grease build-up from inside and outside the grill, heavy carbon deposits are no longer grease and may not completely be removed. 

Grill degreasing starts at 
$350.00* for grills under 36" 
$450.00* for grills over 36" 
$550.00* for grills over 48".
Prices go up depending on how badly the grease and carbon build-up is in the grill. 

We accept cash or check only for our grill degreasing services.
*Does not include cost of parts if repairs are needed.

What you get for your money.

Free inspection and diagnosis, prior to degreasing.
The only way for me to provide an accurate quote for degreasing your grill is to physically look at it and determine what I will have to do to degrease your grill. 
If your grill is not working properly, I will inspect it and order any parts needed to repair it. I will have the parts when we degrease the grill and will repair your grill when it is degreased, there will be no additional labor charge for making the repairs.

A minimum of 2 people working on your grill.
Complete removal of all internal components and the grill hood to degrease everything.

Everything the Grill Man uses to degrease the inside of your grill is completely biodegradable and 100% non-toxic.  We have the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on our products.

Our process uses just enough water to rinse away the products we use inside and outside your grill. Steam cleaners can use as much as 5 gallons of water per minute.  Where does this mixture of grease and water end up?  Inside your island? On your patio deck? It is difficult, if not impossible, to control and catch that amount of water.

Don't settle for companies that will clean "as far as they can reach" or only clean the "top of the cooking grates", this is just being lazy, or worse, not knowing how to take things apart and put them back together properly.

Poor Grill Cleaning by Another Company
Grease Deposits in Grill
Hood cleaned
Dirty Grill Hood from another company

I serviced this grill one week after another company had cleaned the grill.  The owner paid a lot of money to have the grill cleaned, and was very disappointed in the results.  And you can see why, the two pictures on the left show the heavy grease build-up in the bottom of the grill below the burner and the grease build-up on the back wall of the firebox that was left behind when the grill was "cleaned".  The third picture from the left shows the inside of the hood that was cleaned "as far as they could reach", and the picture on the far right shows the heavy soot on the hood that was not removed because the hood was not removed. 

Lynx Grill Restoration Citrus Country Club
Lynx Grill Cleaning Citrus Country Club
Lynx Completed Grill Cleaning and Restoration Citrus Country Club

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