Here are just a few reviews from some of my many satisfied customers. I am not arrogant enough to think that I don't have anything more to learn about my work or customer service. If you would like to leave a review, good or bad, with any suggestions, please complete and submit this form:



Thanksgiving Rotisserie Turkey on our restored Lynx Grill Real

Patricia, thanks for helping with all the parts, and recommending "Frank the Grillman."

Frank, thank you soooooo much for your professionalism and loyalty. The grill and rotisserie worked wonderfully.

We rotissed a 10 pound turkey which fed my wife and me, my granddaughter, and two Marines, from 29 Palms, that we adopted for Thanksgiving.

We had such a wonderful holiday, in large part, because of both of you.

Stan Sibel November 25, 2016

A Real Pleasure

Frank was outstanding. On time, clean, polite and extremely professional. He got my grill working the way it should have been, despite having multiple wrong fittings and parts to start. I can't say enough about how pleasant an experience this was. Highly recommended!

Ken Alterwitz  January 27, 2016

Superior Service

Frank is not only totally competent but on time does a great job in every possible way and his fees are really fair. I recommend him with total confidence you'll be just as pleased as I am!

Scott Sherman 10/30/15

Lynx Grill

Frank is a real pro! I had my grill converted from NG to natural gas. Frank quickly evaluated the problem, ordered the Parts and installed them within three days. My Lynx Grill works better than when it was new. It is 12 yrs. old.. He was on time a very fair price and five star service.

Fred Johns 2/13/2015

Extremely Satisfied

Having recently bought a second home in the area, we are working to find trustworthy vendors to assist with various aspects of maintaining the property.   We became acquainted with Frank through other Yelp recommendations, and have been extremely pleased with his work.  We have an older outdoor Dynasty grill that was heating slowly and unevenly.   He diagnosed it, was able to get some replacement burners, installed them, all in a timely way, reasonable cost, and good communication throughout the process.  We highly recommend him.

Jeff N, 01/26/15

Very Happy

If you need your BBQ fixed, THIS IS THE GUY.. !!!  Frank is the real thing, very professional, perfectionist and determined to get your equipment up and running perfectly.  He fixed my Cal Flame BBQ, adjusted the regulator, replaced new LP orifices and verified it was a great flame pattern when done...
Don't get frustrated doing it yourself, call Frank and then sit back knowing it will be done RIGHT!
Thanks again Frank...

John M, 01/28/15

Grill, Doors & Drawers Purchase & Installation

cannot say enough positive things about Frank The Grill Man. His customer service is head & heels above all the other companies I had to deal with for our recent flood damage repair. The Grill Man was able to get me an estimate quickly, returned my emails & phone calls promptly, showed up on time and worked hard until the grill, doors & drawers were installed. He cleaned up any mess that me made, was kind and courteous and so easy to work with. He will have our business again and again. I highly recommend Frank The Grill Man.

Amy Larson, 10-24-14

Saved my Ducane

I have a vacation home in the desert.  When we came in this season I found my Ducane grill laying on it's side in the back yard.  The post had rusted off at ground level.  I did not know if my grill could be saved or not, so I called The Grill Man.  Frank explained that the posts were no longer available and because of the age of the grill he would have to inspect it to see if it was worth trying to repair.  Frank inspected the grill and determined it was worth repairing.  Frank set about the work and in just a few hours, and under $300.00, Frank had repaired the grill and it was working again.

Frank Warn, 10/7/14

Over The Moon with my "New" Grill

I have an old school Charmglow that was in need of repair or in need of a burial. I reached out to Frank and he was able to bring my grill back to life with a couple of new parts and reasonable prices. Thrilled to have my BBQ back!!! Thanks for making it happen so quick. 

Bob, July 18, 2014

Grill Is Like New

Our stainless steel Grill is 10 years old and the Grill man and his assistant just cleaned and serviced it. There was so much gunk, I didn't think they could get it off- but they did. It looks like new.

Ned Roache June 5, 2014

The Best Service

The Grill Man repaired my Lynx Grill after a grease fire destroyed the whole inside of the grill. He rebuilt the grill with all new parts and cleaned every part of the grill including the hood and all small parts that most grill cleaners don't even think of doing. The price was fair and the service excellent. I will use The Grill Man every year to keep my Lynx Grill in top shape!

Mrs. Malvin-Nov.24,2013

Thanks Frank!

I found Frank when I needed help finding a replacement grill for my ten year old built in model. He came to the house, found the perfect model to meet
my needs, had it delivered then low and behold my house sold! Frank worked patiently with me to make the grill work at our new home. He is a true professional I highly recommend!

Mike Harper August 22, 2013

Ignition Switch Replaced

Ignition switch on my older model Fire Magic grill worked poorly and the amount of gas required for many ignition attempts was scary. Frank found a way to install an electronic ignition in this old grill. It works just fine, and I am spared the expense of buying a new grill. Highly recommended.

ALF, Rancho Mirage, July 27, 2013 


5 Star Review

We called Frank to come over and repair our grill (after contacting another company that wanted to charge three times as much just to look at it).  He arrived on time and got right to work.  He obviously has a very high level of experience and was able to diagnose and repair the problem very quickly.  He is a very honest and professional business owner who genuinely wants to help his customers, not rip them off.  After he completed the repair, he also was kind enough to take the time to tell me how to properly maintain the grill and how to use it best for grilling and cooking.  He even showed me how to use all the the components and gadgets that are a part of the grill.  Very cool and highly recommended!!!

Steve G, La Quinta, CA, May 30, 2013 

Happy Canuck!

Frank - we bought our place in Palm Desert in April 2012, we renovated and researched several shops to replace our outdoor grille. You came recommended and I can see why - great service from ordering the grille to installation to follow-up! We will be recommending you to our friends/family who are purchasing property in the area. Well Done! We really appreciated the integrity you have displayed and even now your follow-up to make sure we are happy.

 Chetan and Jackie Thakore, April 5, 2013

Great service and advice

We are grill novices, but we got great advice and prompt, professional service from Minx. We highly recommend them, and will be using them for all our grill servicing needs.

 Leslie Bryce April 2013

Honest and Dependable Service

I had not had my BBQ grill overhauled since I purchased my home three years ago. Frank came out and took care of the grill and it works like new now. I would recommend his service to anyone. Thank you, Frank.

Lula Halfacre 3-21-2013 

BBQ Clean Up and Service

I purchased a house that had a built in GE Monogram barbecue outside, but which hadn't been used in a long time. Although it worked, the flames were not very high and the unit did not get hot. I called Minx and set an appointment. Frank came out as scheduled, cleaned up everything, adjusted the gas flow and got the barbecue to work properly. He did not try and sell me parts I didn't need. In fact, just the opposite, he wanted to to use the existing parts unless impossible to do so. Now the bbq works great. Thanks Frank.

Scott Dormer March 02, 2013

Great Service and Honest Business

I called Frank to service 2 heat lamps. He promptly responded and during the service call he was honest enough to tell me that I was probably wasting my money. He shopped around and found a good deal on a quality heater which I purchased from him and he installed. He also took the initiative to provide me with some sound recommendations regarding my gas grill, which he also fixed. I'm new to the area and I appreciated the prompt service and professional work. And I also appreciated the honesty and integrity with which he dealt with me. I will use him for all my future purchases and service needs because I can trust him, and because he sells quality equipment. 

Tim Long 2-4-13

Outstanding service!

Very knowledgeable, professional and prompt service. Frank was able to quickly identify the two problems causing my high end gas grill to malfunction, and repair both on the spot. He had the parts with him, and was thorough in his explanation of what was required. Would recommend him highly to anyone needing service.

Joel 1/24/13 La Quinta  

Regular Gas Grill Maintenance

We have a home in Palm Springs that we enjoy and also rent. It has a great natural gas grill that we use a lot and so do our guests. Minx provides us with a regular maintenance service that reassures us that grill is working properly always. I highly recommend the quality of their service. Extremely professional.

 Adriana E. December 15, 2012

Gas Grill Repair and Cleaning

As a new homeowner, the outdoor grill needed various repairs and extensive cleaning. I called Frank Schultz, he returned my call very quickly and came out to our La Quinta house to provide an estimate within hours. He made the repairs and did a wonderful job cleaning the grill top to bottom. His rates are very reasonable and I was very very pleased with his experience and professional work. I would recommend Minx to all my friends for any grill work. Excellent customer service!!!!

 Elizabeth M, Rancho La Quinta CC, November 12, 2012

Gas Grill Conversion

Took an existing propane grill and converted it to natural gas.  Great service, very responsive to calls and provided full disclosure up-front.
Returned my call, we made the appointment and they showed up early and discussed everything with me before the service was completed. I am very pleased with the team and the price. Did great work.

Mike Hubert, August 24, 2012

Recent instillation of new BBQ grill 

Frank is prompt and an excellent installer. He suggested several different grills that would work in the space we had. When some modification of the space was needed, it was done by very efficient co-workers. I used the grill for the first time last night. It is a treat to have a working grill of high quality that works perfectly.

Roy Young August 11, 2012  

Love my Solaire Infra-red grill

 I needed to replace the grill in my island, and Frank gave me some great recommendations. I decided on the Solair Infra-red system, made locally in L.A. (Whittier). No "pre-heating", quick cook time with the high heat, and searing in the juices makes a noticeable difference! Frank did an exceptional job with the custom installation, and I have had rave reviews from my friends every time we grill. Thanks, Frank!

Steve, La Quinta, July 2012 

Repaired Outdoor Grill

Checked barbecue for problems. Fixed the ignition. Gave me instructions for barbecue and safety.

Sally Pepin, June 14, 2012

Repaired BBQ

Perfect! Could not be more pleased with him. Will recommend him to all friends.

Keith Comaus, May 30, 2012

Gas Grill Repair

Replaced electric ignite. Cleaned grill. Frank was on time and did a very good job. Price was very fair. Very satisfied.

Carlton Densmore, May 1, 2012

Grill Repair

They were really good. I was impressed with this guy. I would use him again. He was a really good guy. 

Maria Norman, April 11, 2012


You are fantastic.. my go to guy for my grill for sure.. and my heaters if they need it..

Marti Alter-Cudlip, April 11, 2011


Minx rates 5 stars

This is a good company to do business with. Not cheap. But if you believe that if you spend a reasonable amount you'll get a good product, you will be pleased with Minx. I will certainly do business with them again if needed and will recommend them to my friends. save that old grill- refurbish.

April 11, 2011 by Westie Mom in Palm Springs, CA

Great Job.

 Frank did a great job fixing servicing our BBQ and Patio Heaters. I had almost given up on two of the Patio Heaters (different brands) but Frank "brought them both back to live". Frank's rates are extremely reasonable and I can highly recommend his service!!!!

November 13, 2010 by Werner Zehnder in La Quinta, CA

Great Service.

Great work from Gas Grill and Heater Sales. He pinpointed the problem and completed the job within the day. Good advice led to a happy fire pit. Also had service on our BBQ and was completely satisfied.

Marylin of Palm Springs, CA November 11, 2010

Total Professional!

"I drove my non-functioning gas table fire pit 90 minutes each way because I had been so impressed with prior customer reviews. Frank is knowledgeable, professional and his work was exceptional. The fire pit table had been a wedding present from my recently deceased Mom and had NEVER worked. It's now blazing away!! Mom would have been very happy....."

Barrett of Redlands, CA on June 07, 2010


Fantastic Service

"Frank did an outstanding job when he converted our gas grill to propane. He was very knowledgeable about the process and offered suggestions and guidance. He was prompt and meticulous. I will definitely use Frank for our future needs."

Carrie Morrow of La Jolla, CA on May 13, 2010


Frank is AMAZING!

"We have a second home in Palm Springs and a friend of ours referred us to Frank. We handled everyghting over the phone and Frank was efficient, honest, trustworthy and fair. He went beyond the call of duty for us and we highly recommend him. Frank is a sure thing!"

Sheryl Ross of Santa Monica, CA on April 21, 2010

Excellent Service!

"MINX was recommended to me by the service department at Lynx and in a short time had repaired the grill which was improperly installed and missing parts by a previous contractor. Thanks MINX, you'll always have my business. Ted"

TNT General Contracting of Palm Springs, CA on March 30, 2010

Minx Gas Grill Repair is the Best!

"I spent 3 nearly full days on the phone looking for someone to repair a GE Monogram gas grill without any results. GE wouldn't repair it! Nor would GE's own contractors! Nor would the major appliance repair companies in the Coachella Valley. I struck gold when I found Minx. Frank immediately understood my urgent need, made a house call, diagnosed the problem, ordered parts and installed them. No fuss, no muss. My grill is 5 years old and just like new! Don't waste time with other repair services (if you can find them) - just call Minx!"

John on March 04, 2010

Great Service!

"We have a patio heater that would not light, and we were having a backyard cook out in a couple of days. I called Minx Enterprises and they came out the next day, took apart the heater, and had it working in less than an hour. The service charge was fair, and the online coupon for $10.00 off made it an even better deal. I recommend Minx Enterprises."

 Mary Alexander on March 02, 2010

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